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Ted Vargas

Graduated from the USMS school Sheephead Bay.

Sailed from the mid 40's to mid 50's on seventeen diferent ships.

They were: one T-2, one C-4, 2 Victory Ships, 3 C-2's, 4 Liberty Ships, 6 Ore carriers.

After 11 years I came ashore to go to work in the # 2 Machine Shop at Bethlehem Steel in Sparrows Point, Maryland. I worked there for over 31 years as a machinist.

I joined The Liberty Ship Project (New York) in 1979 and transfered to Project Liberty Ship when the New York group turned the ship over to the Baltimore group.

I was one of the crew of 50 that sailed on the JOHN W. BROWN when the ship was towed from Norshipco in Norfolk to Pier 1 in Baltimore in August, 1988.

In 1997 I joined the crew as an Oiler on the 12-4 watch and have sailed off and on since.

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