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Captain John D. Halliday

My great-uncle, Capt. Jack Halliday, was Master of the SS Steel Seafarer which was sunk in September 1941. This looks like it was a photo that was enhanced with watercolors. I am not sure, but I bet this was a popular process back then. I must say, he sure looks handsome in his uniform. I only remember him from when I was a kid, but what an impression he made. He smoked a pipe and always had a glass of Johnny Walker at his side. He had a thick Scottish accent (the Johnny Walker probably didn't help) and he had a dog named "Skipper". His quiet and reserve was quite intimidating to me when I was a kid, but he was always respectful and was treated with respect by all. A former crewmen wrote asking for information, for a book he was composing, and related how the crew revered the Captain. His recollection was of a man who was always strict, but always fair. The men running those vessels must have been an exceptional breed. I am not sure if this fellow's book ever got published or not.


Dave Halliday

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