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Herluf Sorensen

My uncle sailed with the S.S. Steel Maker during the second world war. His name was Herluf Sorensen.

He sailed out with the Danish ship Nordhavet in 1939. War broke out 9 April 1940. He became a U.S. citizen and never saw his old homeland again. He sailed right up until around 1970, while he lived in New York. In 1974 he died and his urn was sent to Denmark. I helped set it up at the cemetery in Nordby, on the island of Samso, where he came from. I inherited his old photo albums. There is a photo of him with a lifebuoy behind, with the name Steel Maker on it.

There are probably not many left, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who had sailed with him.

Med venlig hilsen (Best regards),

Jens Erik Kjerulff
Havneassistent (Asst. Harbour Master)
Esbjerg Havn (Port of Esbjerg)

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