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George W. Morgan, Jr.

On the job aboard the Steel Worker in 1953.
(Photo by Gerald O'Rourke)

After becoming licensed in 1947, following a naval career that was neither long nor brilliant, I joined the SS ANNISTON CITY....In late summer 1952, I joined the SS STEEL WORKER - My first seagoing love - and stayed there until the summer of 1956.

Many ships later, I retired from the MEBA/ROU on November 2, 1992 after serving as Radio Electronics Officer onboard the LNG GEMINI and other LNG ships for eleven years.

In retirement, I've been writing a series of vignettes about seagoing life called Tell Me A Sea Story.

George W. Morgan, Jr.

Note..... George passed away on 10 June 2008.

LNG Gemini
(a liquid natural gas ship)

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