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Bror Martin Persson

"[Our] Father -- Bror Martin Persson (shown on crew manifest as Person) was on at least two sailings of the SS Steel Scientist -- One voyage in 1926, shows the arrival in New York on October 31, 1926. Port of Departure was Batavia, Indonesia (Java). The second voyage shows the arrival in Boston on July 12, 1927 -- Port of Departure was Calcutta, India (we have been unable to find the crew list or manifest for this journey). This was [our] Father's last journey as a merchant seaman. He reported the above date to US Immigration when applying for US Citizenship. It may be possible that the Steel Scientist arrived in New York in July ?? 1927.

In Calcutta, many of the crew members were taken ill with Malaria and were hospitalized. This may have been the reason Dad decided to seek a different career path.

Bror Martin Persson was born on April 26, 1904 in Ekeby, Skane, Sweden. He was one of nine children. At age 14 he was sent to the Seaman's School in Helsingborg, Sweden -- that was in 1918. We have no details as to what the training entailed. Also, World War I was still being waged. Although Sweden was neutral, they were sending supplies to various countries.

We would appreciate knowing more about the two specific journeys on the SS Steel Scientist, which included exotic ports of call. What was the Cargo?? The ports of call?? What type of cargo did the ship carry when headed back to the USA. Thanking everyone in advance for any information will be greatly appreciated."

Jean Persson Fuhrer and Martha Persson Rowe

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