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S.S. Steel Age

Gross Tonnage:8,040Net:4,705
Dimensions:492' 0" x 69' 7" x 29' 5"MC Type:C3-S-A2
Builder:Western Pipe & Steel Co.
San Francisco, CA
Hull #
USMC Hull #
Date of Build:
Engines:2 Steam Turbines DR Geared to Single Screwed ShaftEngine Builder:General Electric Co.
Lynn, MA
Navigation:DF, ESD, GC, RDR, RTDecks, etc.:2 Decks & Open Shelter Deck

Began Isthmian Service:1947Ended Isthmian Service:1971

----------------------------------- Vessel History -----------------------------------
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Sea FlasherUS War Shipping Administration, operated by Isthmian SS Co. as Army Troopship
San FranciscoUSWB
Sea FlasherUS Maritime Commission
San FranciscoUS
Steel AgeIsthmian Lines, Inc.
New York
New YorkUS

3/18/43: Keel laid.
6/22/43: Launched, sponsored by Mrs. Christian Andersen.
12/24/43: Delivered; completed conversion to a transport, carrying 2,086 troops and 226,500 cubic feet of cargo, by builders for operation by WSA. "The hull and contour of the superstructure was similar to the cargo ship version. The main difference in external appearance was the presence of landing craft in special davits on deck. Two holds amidships were converted for troop use. Three deck levels were created in these holds. On each level bunks tiered five high were constructed in rows. Each passageway had bunks on either side. Bunks were thirty inches wide. A galley and mess hall separate from the ship's crew was provided for the troops. The troops used their own mess gear and had no assigned dining room. A sick bay and dental clinic was provided for the troops. The troop commander had a private cabin and office with a loudspeaker communication to all troop areas from either location. The communication system in these ships was quite complex. The ship's captain had direct communication with all compartments in case of emergency. He had direct separate contact with the ship's operating departments. To entertain troops on their long crowded voyage, there were facilities to broadcast music and other entertainment to troop compartments. Since the troopships carried less weight, concrete was placed in the bottom of the holds as ballast to improve the ship's comfort, safety and performance.
"Steel Ships and Iron Pipe" by Dean L. Mawdsley.
1/10/44: Began active troop service with Isthmian Steamship Co. operating the vessel for the WSA as a troopship carrying 226,500 cubic feet of cargo and 2,086 troops.
1/44 - 3/46: Operated between West Coast ports of San Francisco, Portland and Seattle and many ports in the Western Pacific.
5/3/45: The vessel sailed from San Francisco, CA to Okinawa, Owner WSA, Operator Isthmian SS Co., Gust E. Jonsson Master, with 2,000 tons general cargo and troops, arriving 5/3. At 3 PM, as the ship anchored off Okinawa while discharging troops, one of the gun crews on the USS New Mexico (BB-40) accidently fired the 40-mm gun during exercises. 8 high explosive incendiary shells struck the starboard side between #2 and #3 holds, starting a small fire. The crew quickly extinguished the flames, with the ship suffering little damage to her hull, winches and rafts. The ship's complement consisted of 11 officers, 50 crewmen, 43 armed guards and 1,609 troops. 47 men were injured and 7 of the troops were killed.
2/17/46: Assigned to U.S. Maritime Commission Reserve Fleet at Lee Hall, VA in the James River.
2/28/46: Released from troop service at San Francisco.
4/17/46: Assigned to WSA Reserve Fleet at Lee Hall, VA.
10/8/46: Todd Shipyards Corp., Brooklyn, NY, receives vessel for reconversion at a cost of $255,639, to be completed in 45 days.
4/47: Reconversion completed.
2/48: Struck buoy. Shaft, rope guard and propeller fairwater damaged; repair cost $2,467.
6/9/48: Arrived Port Said, voyage Baltimore to Persian Gulf, with boiler tube damage.
7/4/48: Aground, 3 plates, fair and frames, partially renew brackets; repairs at Baltimore
8/5/48: Collision with tug ABGAIS; plate frame and bracket damage.
6/11/49: Fair 3 plates, partially renew floors, brackets and angles, steam, clean and test tanks at Baltimore.
5/50: Collision with turbo electric vessel STRATHAIRD. Damage to plates, frames, brackets and beams; repair cost $6,122.
8/4/51: Struck dock, voyage Djakarta to New York; propeller repair, shaft draw and inspect; repairs at Baltimore.
3/7/52: Aground at 6 PM near Locust Point at Baltimore. Off in 2 hours with the aid of Coast Guard Cutter APACHE.
2/2/53: Boiler flareback.
6/3/53: Hit submerged object.
6/19/53: From boiler flareback 2/2/53, renew 336 tubes and soot blower, insulation and casing partially renew, cleaning and removals, together with sundry damages; repairs at Baltimore.
3/24/54: From striking submerged object 6/3/53, draw fractured propeller shaft, renew, fit spare and renew coupling bolts, together with sundry damages, repair and drydocking at Galveston.
4/21/54: Hit breakwater; damaged plates and internals.
6/10/54: Heavy weather; damaged #3 Tween Deck.
8/25/54: From striking breakwater 4/21/54, renew 2 plates and 4 fair, internal members partially renew and fair, together with sundry damages and removals. From heavy weather 6/10/54, Galveston for Calcutta, #3 Tween Deck aft centerline bulkhead together with stiffeners partially renew, together with sundry damages and removals. All repairs at Baltimore.
3/17/55: Collision with chain lighter.
10/5/55: From collision 3/17/55, propeller nut, fairwater and fastenings, renew, together with sundry damages; drydocking and repairs at Mobile.
11/17/55: Grounding.
10/1/56: From grounding 11/17/55, 2 shell plates renew, 14 partially renew and 8 fair, keelson and floors straighten and partially renew, tanks steam, clean and test, together with sundry damages; drydocking and repairs at New Orleans.
1/12/57: While lying at moorings at Port de Bouc, collided with motor tanker ILIADE.
3/5/57: From collision 1/12/57, 3 shell plates partially renew, frames, beams, bulkheads, brackets, deck stringer plating, rails and stanchions, straighten and partially renew, together with sundry damages; repairs at New Orleans. Surveyor reports vessel will be examined further at next drydocking.
4/3/58: Struck a submerged object at Buoy No. 35, Savannah River, Savannah, GA.
11/28/58: From striking submerged object 4/3/58, remove damaged propeller, spare propeller install, tailshaft draw for examination, top pintle renew, rudder gudgeon bushings renew, together with sundry damages and removals. Repairs completed at New Orleans.
4/6/60: At Philadelphia, steamer STEEL AGE, Houston for Calcutta, outbound for New York, grounded off Marine Terminal at 3 PM. Vessel refloated at 5:35 PM with the assistance of tugs.
4/7/60: Arrived at New York.
4/30/60: Steamer STEEL AGE, Houston for Calcutta, arrived Jeddah.
5/3/60: STEEL AGE expected to sail from Jeddah without discharging about 600 tons of Jeddah cargo due to United Arab Republic shipping boycott of port workers.
5/10/60: STEEL AGE, still in Jeddah commenced discharge of cargo.
11/27-11/28/62: Damage from heavy weather on passage from Brunswick to Norfolk.
12/1-12/2/62: Damaged at Shed No. 4, Erie Basin Terminal, New York in consequence of barge STEEL WELD repeatedly striking the vessel's propeller.
12/13/62: Owners of steamer STEEL AGE, New Orleans for Calcutta, report vessel delayed at New York for eight days due to drydocking and repairs necessitated by barge striking vessel. STEEL AGE left today for Calcutta.
1/21/63: From New York: From damage alleged sustained in consequence of encountering heavy weather 11/27 - 28/62 while on passage from Brunswick to Norfolk: Two bottom shell plates renew, adjacent plates fair, internals straighten, double bottom tanks steam, clean and test, together with sundry damages and removals; repairs deferred. From damage alleged sustained 12/1 - 2/62 while docked at Shed No. 4, Erie Basin, New York, when propeller, which was being turned over by the jacking gear, repeatedly struck by barge STEEL WELD: Propeller remove and recondition, tailshaft draw for examination, found fractured, remove from vessel, owner's spare tailshaft and propeller install, stern bushings rewood, together with sundry damages and removals. Repairs completed at Brooklyn, NY. Tailshaft will be repaired at later date. Vessel was drydocked with about 8,500 tons of cargo on board.
3/1/64: From Port Said: Steamer STEEL AGE, Chittagong for New York and New Orleans, while mooring at 11 PM struck streamer MECCA, which anchored. Both vessels slightly damaged.
3/2/64: STEEL AGE left Port Said.
5/21/64: From damage alleged sustained 11/27 - 11/2